The Only Thing That Doesn’t Change Is Change

“The Only Thing That Doesn’t Change Is Change”

written: 20/04/2017

I’d like to say that things remain the same, forever bound in its youthful pose. Even the ugly facets of the Universe would emanate the utmost beauty, for it could not aspire to anything different. Est ergo est. However, our Reality incorporates more dimensions than three. Items alter themselves by the very fact of their existence. If it moves rapidly, it may outrun the inevitable deterioration for a period but none can hide forever from the inescapable truth: waves wash away sand-castles. Empires crumble. Water evaporates, leaving behind a desolate bed of salt and dead sea creatures. The Sun explodes; stars implode. Supernovas come as nothing new. And in between everything, in between the most tightly knit aspects of Essence, in between each atom and in between each sub-atomic particle, a vast and empty space separates matter. Our very cores float as puppets of Gravity in this dungeon of isolation, trapped and increasingly chained together as the Big Bang continues its unmoving outward stretch. Time cannot stop until it begins in all places. The effortless enemy of Reality exposes itself as the fable called Truth. Scintillating particles have no choice but to yield as just one string. As Freedom questions itself, it becomes trapped upon a turtle upon a turtle. Chaos might prevail if not for its name implying that Order had once been present. In all this randomness, I can discern just one constant:

the only thing that doesn’t change is change.


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